Which wolf are you feeding?

1 May
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The details about my life:

Born and raised in NYC, moved to Michigan in 1988, had more jobs and careers than anyone not diagnosed with ADHD should have.

Web programming pays the rent. Currently, cooking feeds the happy part of me.

Number of Bruce Springsteen concerts I have attended: 7
Number of BB King concerts I have attended: 4
Number of days I worked as a short order cook: 6
Number of drug trips I have been on: 1
Number of times I've drank so much I've puked: 1
Number of pre-op transsexuals I've had sex with: 1
Number of post-op transsexuals I've had sex with: 1
Number of times I can bench my own bodyweight: 6
Most number of Taco Bell tacos I've eaten at a single sitting: 18
Number of times I've been in a hot tub with my swimsuit on: 1
Number of showerheads in the ideal shower stall in my ideal house: 9
Number of burners on the ideal stove in my ideal house: 6
Number of times I've been mugged: 0
Number of times I've been naked in public and seen by strangers: 3
Number of times I've had sex outdoors: 4
Current number of books that I would start to read today if I had the time: 5
Number of bdsm scenes I've thought up that were different enough that I've not seen pictures of them on the Internet: 1
Most number of times in one day that I've ever masturbated: 8
Most number of consecutive hours that I've shot pool: 31
Numbers of pairs of shoes I use on a regular basis: 2
Number of times per week, on average, I shave my head: 2
Number of times I've been to Cairo, Egypt: 1
Number of times per month, on average, that I get lost in thought and drive past my street on the way home: 2

I hope this helps. I dont understand me either.

Re: Friends list. If you add me as a friend, and I don't reciprocate, dont sweat it. I don't do friends only postings, so you're not missing anything. I just don't pay much attention to the friends listing, and only check it once a month or so when things get REALLY slow at work.